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We now offer Services!

What are inspection services?

With the County recently sending out audits to check if companies are in compliance to work safely,

The CV-19 Kit Company has started Inspection Services to help ensure that your in-office, construction sites,

restaurants, and retail stores are safe and compliant to avoid a Audit shut down.

To prevent a Audit shutdown: We will have a CV-19 Kit Company Staff Inspector arrive to your work site and inspect the ins and outs of your provided property.


We will be looking for: safety hazards/measures that a typical auditor will be checking for in compliance auditing.

In addition we will provide you with a safety report of your property, a plaque sign that will be publicly put up to show that your property has been inspected and is COVID- SAFE since day of inspection, provide you with recommended tool lists and offer safety plan documents ( small additional document cost) specifically to your business's needs. 

Our services packages come in: One time Inspection, Monthly subscription, and yearly subscription.

 The CV-19 Kit Company is not a legal or a medical firm, we are providing support only, to organize a Covid-19 “safe and healthy” plan for your business. We are not affiliated with the CDC or Los Angeles County Inspection Services but provide safety tools and inspections that are helpful in case of a random audit.

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